Rewarding your dog builds a lasting bond and a relationship, with them, built on trust. What better way to do that than with one of our amazingly popular Natural Treat Boxes and our huge range of Natural Treats, Natural Chews and Complete Foods?  
We have a huge variety to choose from which can be delivered monthly or as one off purchases. 

We don’t charge shipping on our dedicated Treat Box purchases either! 

Natural dog treats can add additional valuable nutrition and variety to your dog’s diet, as well as being a great training tool to reward good behaviour that you want them to repeat and a way to keep them busy and relaxed. If you choose the subscription option you will receive a surprise selection of 100% Natural Treats delivered to your door every month and if you find a box you particularly like you can buy additional boxes too.  Dogs LOVE them.


How we're different


  • FID Natural Treats deliver treats, Chews, Enrichment items, Complete Foods and Treat Boxes across the UK.
  • Visit our store in Sully South Wales (5 Cog Road, CF64 5TD).
  • Click and Collect options in Sully and Bridgend, South Wales.
  • Packed full of Natural Goodness.  
  • A HUGE Selection.
  • Recyclable/recycled packaging, sustainably sourced, packed full of goodness!
  • We donate to Action Aid for Animals with every natural treat box sold
  • Don't be surprised by the Decaffeinated tea bag in your treat box! It's a safer and more environmentally friendly version of the silica sachet you see in other treat suppliers packaging