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Chicken Necks 100g approx 7

Chicken Necks 100g approx 7

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A natural source of calcium, chondroitin and glucosamine.

Chicken Necks are naturally rich in calcium as they include natural bone within. Calcium is an essential part of every dog’s diet.

They are a PROTEIN RICH treat, all chicken necks are a great source of protein, and a single ingredient chew. Dogs thrive on protein, so why not feed them with a nice protein rich treat?

They are GRAIN & GLUTEN FREE, this means that if your dog has a gluten intolerance you are safe to feed these.

They have been SLOWLY AIR DRIED, if chicken necks are dried too fast or at too high a temperature, it can cause them to go brittle and sharp. Slowly air drying our chicken necks means that they keep their flavour and increase chewy-ness.


100% Chicken

Protein 57%, Oils & Fats 15%, Crude Ash 16%, Crude Fibre 4.7%.

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