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Duck Necks

Duck Necks

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4 Duck Necks.

Duck is a rich and nutritious meat, full of protein and vitamins. Duck necks are also great for chewing, to keep your dog entertained and improve his dental hygiene.

Duck necks contain high levels of B vitamins and minerals, such as phosphorus, potassium, zinc and selenium. B vitamins are particularly important for promoting metabolism, as well as supporting heart health. Phosphorus plays an important role in bone creation, and promotes strong bones. Potassium is also vital for heart health, as well as plays a role in nerve conduction. Finally, Zinc and Selenium are anti-oxidants which are extremely important for supporting many life processes, such as utilisation of oxygen, DNA production and maintaining cellular membranes, as well as fighting free radicals.

Duck necks also contain plenty of connective tissue and cartilage, which are full of glucosamine and chondroitin. These act as precursors for joint cartilage and therefore helps improve the health of joints, particularly for dogs with osteoarthritis. They have been Clinically proven to improve pain, weight-bearing on afflicted limbs and the severity of the condition.

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