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Enrichment Bundle - Fish and Venison

Enrichment Bundle - Fish and Venison

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What’s in the bundle?

1 x Cabbage Snuffle Bowl

1 x White Fish Granola

1 x Red Fish Granola

1 x Venison Bites


Our Cabbage Snuffle Bowls have a fantastic non-slip base, an adjustable toggle to make the activity level easier or more difficult for those pro-snufflers out there! The toggle pulls tight for easy storage. What’s more, they’re machine washable on the delicates cycle.

Our Premium Fish Granola is blended from only high quality dried fish.  A tasty blend of Salmon, Cod and Sprats makes this a go to for all those fussy eaters.  Simply sprinkle a little over their food to encourage them to eat or to add a little extra nutrition and excitement to a meal.  Fish Granola can be used for enrichment purposes and is perfect for Dogs and Cats alike.

Venison Training bites are 100% Deer Meat and as a novel protein they are great for those who tend to suffer with food related allergies. Pop a few into the Snuffle Bowl for some happy hunting. 

A lovely calming activity which helps to reduce your dog’s mental energy resulting in a calmer pet. 

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