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Jurassic Beef ears 120g-190g Each

Jurassic Beef ears 120g-190g Each

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If you have a big chewer then these are going to be a winner for you!

Our Jurassic Beef Ears are rather large to say the least!  They even have a big chunk of meat at the base for extra enjoyment.  Each ear is a minimum of 120g and can be as big as 190g.  As they are a natural product there is variation over which, we have no control.

Our tasting spawcialists gave them a huge Woof.  Low in fat, high in chew factor these are a great natural dental chew.


100% Cow Ear.

Analytical Constituents

Crude protein 89.2%, crude fat 3.3%, moisture 0.5%, ash 3.6%.

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