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Lickimat Slomo

Lickimat Slomo

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The Lickimat Slomo is a tasty form of entertainment for your dog! The mat has been specially developed to prevent gobbling during mealtimes and at the same time offers fun for when your four-legged friend is home alone or bored. Spread or place your dog's favorite snack into all the cracks and corners of the mat. The different patterns and textures make it an exciting challenge to lick. When using it for the first time, keep an eye on your dog to make sure they don't chew on the mat.

  • Helps against gobbling/eating too fast
  • Provides entertainment when your dog is home alone
  • A good distraction during stressful moments
  • Can be put in the dishwasher
  • Non-slip material
  • Can be frozen for a cool snack

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