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Rabbit Meat Strips 100g - Approx 6

Rabbit Meat Strips 100g - Approx 6

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Rabbit meat is on the advance: More and more people are rediscovering the mild meat for their dogs. Rabbit Meat is known as a very light alternative to common meat types. Rabbit is low in Cholesterol and fat, but still full of nutrients. It contains minimum amounts of saturated fats. And the healthy fats in rabbit meat will keep the dog’s joints lubricated and coat shiny.  Rabbit Meat is a novel protein which means that normally dogs have either seldom or never been exposed to this type of food. That’s why our Rabbit Meat Strips are a wonderful protein choice for dogs who’s tummies are either sensitive, or if they have a food allergy to other protein sources.  Our Rabbit Meat Strips are made of 100% rabbit, without the addition of grain, sugar or other additives like preservatives or flavour enhancer

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