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Yak Yeti

Yak Yeti

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The Yeti Yak Toy is a fun chew toy that is completely non-toxic for dogs. While the flexible form makes it gentle on the gums, the innovative textured shape helps clean teeth. The treat is all-natural and healthy for your dog to enjoy! Your dog will spend hours playing with the toy that contains the cheese puff treat.

Heat: The toy is super safe and microwave friendly. The Yeti Yak Toy is Bisphenol-A free which means it’s totally safe for your dog to chew on. The soft texture and design of the toy not only make it fun to Play with but also safe. The carefully constructed edges of the toy ensure your dog’s teeth are cleaned and plaque-free. The smooth texture makes sure that your doggos mouth is never hurt and that your toothing puppy's gums are safe.

Repeat: Who wouldn't want their favourite treat to ever run out? The quality of the Yeti Yak ensures that your doggo will keep wanting more! Luckily we can ensure not just a longer-lasting treat but also a toy that is safe to play with for a longer time. Talking about having your treat and eating it too!

Dental Toy: The best part about Yeti Yak Toys are the edges and fun shapes making sure that even while your little one is having a delicious and fun time it also improves their dental health. The different types of edges get to every corner and crevice of your dog's teeth and ensure there is no plaque or tartar buildup.

Who wouldn't want their favourite sweets to always be available? You will never have to deal with a worn-out Treatoy after just one play session! Fortunately, these can guarantee not only a longer-lasting toy but also a toy that is secure enough to be used repeatedly. The best part of the Yeti Yak Toy is their unique shapes and edges, which ensure that while your doggo is having a tasty and enjoyable time, their health is also being improved. The various edges ensure that there is no plaque or tartar buildup by reaching every nook and cranny of your dog's teeth.

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